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Combining hydroponic and aeroponic technology with a precision climate-control system, AGRIKUBIC can operate in any place in the world regardless of any weather conditions, even the most adverse.

The main feature of indoor farming consists in avoiding traditional risks such as climate, pests and diseases. Leafy green vegetables, aromatic plants, strawberries or animal feed are just some of the crops that we can cultivate at AGRIKUBIC; which allows our clients to supply healthy and sustainable produce of the same quality throughout the whole year, regardless of the changing seasons.

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Agrikubic family

With more than 50 years of accumulated experience in agrotechnology, the group of organisations and people who constitute AGRIKUBIC complement and gather the necessary experience and knowledge which is key to the development of vertical agriculture: engineering, technology, software and agronomy, as well as a clear view of the whole process from seed to harvest that ensures a stable environment to support a wide variety of crops.

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To facilitate the production of zero-km food in places and seasons which wouldn’t usually meet the natural conditions for this, by using indoor solutions completely automated, in flexible and transportable containers.


  • Modularity.
  • Flexibility (Personalised design for different crops).
  • Mobility (Transportability).
  • Certainty (Costs, availability, results).
  • Sustainability.


Product demand, whether for final consumption or for supplying seedlings, can be accommodated anywhere in the world by means of highly sustainable solutions such as indoor agriculture.

This type of agriculture significantly reduces the needs for transporting the produce, which these days exceeds 1000 km. It minimises loss, damage and the carbon footprint associated with the transportation, and improves the resources that are required for production.

Container crops

Discover AGRIKUBIC 40

Here is an outline of the Agrikubic 40 where you can appreciate its design, structure and main features. Remember: we also have Agrikubic 20 and many more products.

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What can we do for you?

Postage and installation

We take care of sending and installing the cultivation system.

Complete cultivation system

Everything you need to carry out your farming inside a container.

Technical assistance

Help and support with your container and crops whenever you may need it.

Remote control

Have absolute control over your farming. Automate the processes to make everything easier.

Personalised design

Choose your installation to have exactly what you want and need. Everything personalised for you.

Premium service

At Agrikubic we take care of you and we give you all the support you need. You are in good hands with us!

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